How to Use Instagram Stories to Generate B2B Leads


As marketers, we are well aware that marketing strategies are very dynamic.

Marketers do not stick to the same strategy because overtime, new platforms, tools and strategies emerge that changes the ability of marketers to reach their target audience.

The goal of B2B marketers is to reach their target audience, engage with them, and transform them into paying customers.

So what is the next big marketing strategy?


Did you know that in 2018, Instagram has 700 million monthly users?

Now that is a huge marketplace for B2B marketers.

Why is Instagram becoming a major leader of social media platforms?

4 main reasons:

  1. It is a visual platform meaning that it attracts users from different countries and langages.
  2. It is owned by… FACEBOOK. Hello experts in social media!
  3. It is a mobile platform. Seriously, how many people have mobile phones these days?
  4. People love to engage with brands visually.

PRO marketing tip: Did you know that Monday and Thursday are the best days for engagement on Instagram?

Since Instagram rolled out Instagram stories, many entrepreneurs and companies like Shopify and Buffer have jumped onto the feature to drive traffic to their site, build brand awareness, and generate leads.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a highly versatile feature that allows users to add pictures, videos and gifs to a dashboard for their followers to view.

You can think of it as a short overview of the life of the user through picture and video format.

Recently, they added a “Highlights” option where users can save stories to their Instagram profile.

So how can Instagram Stories benefit B2B marketers?

While Instagram stories sounds fun, the reality of B2B marketing is… boring.

B2B marketers post a lot of content about why their product is amazing and how to use it. Does it get more fun than that?


B2B buyers are very similar to normal customers, and they all hang out on Instagram.

Did you know that Instagram Stories has 250 million daily users?

That is a lot of potential clients you can reach.

The number one way to use Instagram Stories as a B2B Marketer is to…

Tell your story

If people know your story, they will trust you more, remember you, and become loyal to your brand. With that said, 62% of B2B marketers rated storytelling as an effective marketing tactic.

This is largely due to the fact that people connect the most with brands who effectively tell their stories.

Instagram Stories is the best place to tell your story.

Let’s look at an example from Shopify:

Did you know that it is possible to drive traffic to your website, generate leads and gain new customers through Instagram Stories?

By adding eye-catching images and a blog link, they can lead their Instagram followers straight to their website where they will find this lead-generating CTA.

This is a solid example of how Instagram Stories serve as the top of the sales funnel to entice the potential customer to go deeper into the sales funnel.

Let’s recap

  • Instagram Stories is a tool that B2B marketers should be utilising in order to reach their target audience
  • By telling your story, you will create brand awareness, lead generation, and customer loyalty.

Although Instagram Stories may seem as an unconventional method for B2B marketers to reach their target audience, rest assured, this strategy is among the best!

If Shopify is doing it and reaping the rewards, why not try it out?

How do you use Instagram Stories to generate leads as a B2B marketer?

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